Be the wildflower in a field of weeds.

Your website SHOULD be sprouting
newcomers like daisies in the summertime.

Instead, it feels like it’s been dry for a while now.

Maybe your website hasn’t been watered - I mean, updated - in a hot minute (or really ever).

Or maybe the overly complicated coding and tech stuff makes you immediately close the tab.

Either way, it’s not exactly reaping what you sow...

And that’s a big problem because…

A new website is made every 3 seconds. 

Yep, that’s why it’s so important to have a website that not only catches the eyes of your visitors but  keeps them coming back, time and time again.

But, not knowing where to start or feeling overwhelmed by the billions of templates (and fonts, and color palettes and logos, oh my!) to choose from shouldn’t hold you back from having a website you’re proud to share.


I’m here to help you plant the seeds you need on your site that will help you stand out and grow to your full potential through collaborative, customized branding and design.


We are so excited to have an awesome professional modern website that is totally relevant to the audience we are seeking. I love that she took our original branding and made it sleek and modern. I would not hesitate to recommend her design services to anyone. She is so patient with us when we gave her multiple updates. She is super fast at getting the job done. Emilyn is like a breath of fresh air!

"It’s like she read our minds and vision and put it out there for the world to see."

Joann L.

Emilyn came to my rescue, understanding my complete lack of expertise in website creation. She effortlessly guided me through the process, helping me gather content copy and define the aesthetic. Thanks to her expertise, I now have a professional and engaging online presence for my podcast management business, and the once intimidating task has turned into a source of pride. I’m grateful for Emilyn’s guidance and the impressive outcome she delivered.

"Emilyn’s ability to navigate my initial confusion and translate it into a cohesive and visually appealing site was invaluable."


Every step of the way with this web design was made super easy and I can say with confidence; that giving Emilyn her own creative room and not micromanaging any of the process, really shows how much she is dedicated to giving her clientele the absolute best experience possible. I would 12/10 recommend Emilyn if you are looking for a website for your business. She is not only fun to work with but also very creative, artistic, trendy and solution oriented for any possible problems you have.

"You can trust her with your business, and to create the best website possible."


 She really takes her time with her work and pays attention to detail to ensure your website represents your work in the best way possible.

"She took my vision and brought it to life with a modern yet classy design."


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"Review will go here."

Liz N.

What people are saying...

Work with a designer who gets to know you and your brand on a personal level.

When you’re ready to:

Stop feeling in over your head when you think about having a website.

Have a website that is easy to use and manage regularly.

Have a website that you’re proud of and excited to share!

You’ll ride off into the sunset with a design that not only showcases your business in a bold and beautiful way, but makes you feel that way too.


I’ll get my design hands dirty by diving deep into creating your branding design. From adding in your branding details to making sure each page can be found by Google, I’ll make sure your website is ready for publishing. Sit back and relax!


I’ll create a handful of branding mood boards and design templates that fit your unique style, from color palettes to fonts to even logo designs! Once you choose your board, we’ll move forward with the design.


We’ll get started with me getting to know everything about your brand. I’ll send you a branding questionnaire and a shared Pinterest board where you can add in all of the inspiration for your design.


Revv The Engine

Fuel Up

Get Mud On The Tires

Joy Ride


You’ve got the drive to make this “little business idea” a reality…the problem? You keep getting stuck on how to create a brand identity that feels like you and is still aesthetically pleasing to your ideal audience. 

With your fire-fueled passion and my designer dazzle, we’ll create a stunning brand identity that turns heads like sunflowers to the sun!   

What you’ll get:

  • Pinterest Board Collaboration
  • Customized Logo Design (Canva)
  • Color Palettes
  • Font Selections
  • Mood Board

Custom Branding Identity

from $500

BUILD MY website!

Your business is ready to take on the world and it’s time to invest in a full-circle DFY website design that points your visitors in the direction you want them to go, is Google-friendly and sets your brand apart from all the others.

I’ll walk alongside you from spark to ignition to create a custom website design that reflects your expertise, calls in more customers and moves you towards your goals.

What you’ll get:

  • Pinterest Board Collaboration
  • Full Branding (Customized Logo Design, Color Palettes, Font Selections, Mood Board)
  • 5+ page Showit website (Ex: Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact, etc.)
  • Privacy Policy + 404 Error Page
  • Basic SEO set up to help get you found on Google
  • Desktop + Mobile Optimization
  • Domain Integration + set up
  • Final recorded walkthrough Zoom call to ensure smooth hand off to you and explanation of how to maintain your new website
  • 7 days of support after set up to fix any minor issues you might encounter

Custom Showit Website

2-4 weeks
Starting at $3000

book a demolition day

You’ve already snatched a website template via Etsy to do some DIY yourself, but now you feel like you’re way in over your head because, turns out, it takes a lot of time to completely launch the perfect site. Don’t stress, I got you!

If you’re still in limbo and need help getting to the finish line, here’s how I can help.

What you’ll get:

  • Editing on 3+ requested Showit website pages (Ex: Home, About, Services, Portfolio, etc.)
  • Program integration support (Ex: email marketing app connection)
  • Privacy Policy + 404 Error Page**
  • Domain Integration + set up**
  • Basic SEO set up to help get you found on Google**
  • Final recorded walkthrough Zoom call to ensure smooth hand off to you and explanation of how to maintain your new website
  • 7 days of support after set up to fix any minor issues you might encounter

the Showit Revamp

1 - 3 weeks
Starting at $500

** By Request

Pinterest Marketing

You have the new branding, a full website set up, and now you are ready to put yourself out there. I’ll help you get started with Pinterest marketing to show off your services and offers to an audience that “gets you.” 

Pinterst Marketing

I’ve got the website…now what?

The fun doesn’t stop there!

As you continue to grow, I offer ways to help support you in your journey!

Starting at $500/month
3 month minimum

***Must have blog set up and be consistently and regularly writing blogs*** 

What you’ll get:

  • Customized Pinterest strategy aligned with your brand identity.
  • Regular pin creation and posting to showcase your products or services.
  • Optimization of Pinterest boards for enhanced discoverability.
  • Analysis of Pinterest analytics to refine the strategy over time.
  • 50 pins a month

create my pin garden

Your brand is blooming with new visitors daily and you’ve been serving your clients with amazing results. Now, you’re ready to expand and give more value to your audience through different areas of your website. 

A La Carte
Some of the additional website pages I can make you:

  • Portfolio Page
  • Blog Page
  • Landing or Sales Page
  • Resources Page
  • Custom Projects

let's grow

drop your info here for a free website audit

Got it, Thanks!

Step into the secret garden by checking
 out the brands I’ve worked with!

Step into the secret garden by checking
 out the brands I’ve worked with!

I get it. There are a LOT of different paths for website design out there. So, why should you follow the sign pointing to Waleria?

Take me to the portfolio

Since I’m a solo agency, I’m able to dedicate my undivided attention to each client, guiding you through the entire process. You will never have to walk this trail alone, even as you continue to grow.

My goal is to create a design that empowers your ambitions: higher prices, upscale clientele, financial liberation. Through collaboration together and my years of expertise, we will create a brand design that drives your audience directly to working with you.

Step into the secret garden by checking
 out the brands I’ve worked with!

Jumping from one social platform to the next
can get complicated. And social media managers come at a hefty price tag.

Take me to the resources

But now, with great branding in your hands, you’ll be able to take on social media with ease and keep a consistent look and feel of your business across all platforms (without the headache). 

I’m pulling out my best work from my social media marketing days to get you started. Grab all of my social media resources, from the branding guidebook to the IG story ideas download, and start paving the path for your online presence! 

The burning Q's

How soon should I book a project with you?

I typically book out 1 month in advance. Keep in mind that spots are limited to give clients more of my time and creative energy to put into their projects. 

In other words, the sooner your book, the sooner you can show off your awesome brand!

How long does it typically take to complete a brand or website design project?

 Depending on your needs and the scope of the project, designs can take anywhere from 2 - 4 weeks.

Will my website be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

I do basic SEO setup during your website design to get your site indexed by search engines like Google. Achieving top rankings in SEO requires ongoing efforts - I encourage you to reach out to an SEO strategist to continue your growth!

Can you accommodate rush projects or tight deadlines?

This isn’t your typical Chia Pet web design project - it takes planting the elements, watering the details and a whole lotta editing to bring your vision to life. 

If you’re pressed for time, we can chat about your needs in a Discovery Call!

What if I need help updating my site in the future?

I offer a la carte pages (blogs, resources, landing pages) for you to add as your business continues to grow. 

Need my eyes for a quick project? I charge an hourly rate $50 per hr and can help you with anything design-related you need!

How much is the deposit?

Before we get started, a project deposit of 25% is required.

Payment plans?

Yes! I’m happy to discuss what payment plan option will work best for you. Please ask me about this before I send an invoice. 

Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?

Nope! I promise to be 100% upfront and include everything in your quote.

You will need to purchase a Showit subscription, and buy a domain name. These usually end up costing $20/month.

send it on over

Talk design to me

let's get started!

From sharing inspo ideas in a shared Pinterest board to approving all of your new branding visuals to even showing you how to navigate and use your new website, you will be included in every step of the process so that you never feel in the dark.

What does Waleria vie for?

Most agencies hand you a design without ever asking for your input.

At Waleria web design, YOU are the most important part of the process.